Get on that Bus

When the going gets tough, I know it’s tough, But, Get on that Bus, For that will be the best stuff   Location : Spiti Valley, Himachal

Country Road

Let me go , Let me be me , Where the Heavens meet , Where the Birds tweet , On this Country Road , Let Me Go….Let Me Go , On this country road…country road…country road   Location @ Iceland, Solheimjokul Glacial Lagoon  


Why can’t I have the Fun

On that Grass

Lying down on the grass, by the water mass I think about the past For the days to last, For the nights to last I think about the past I think about the past


Sisters… One who has a sister knows their importance and one who doesn’t knows their importance far better   Gudiya is a Hindi Translation of Little Girl Location : Tirthan Valley

The Walk of Life

You are Born You are Born to Live You are Born to Die People Come, People Go There are few who Stay Stay to make an eternity together An eternity together, to create an eternal journey An eternal journey called Life…The Walk of Life  

The Sip & The Bite

A Connoisseur or A Gourmand or A Bon Viveur- that’s what the lover of food are called. We all have our moments and lets call those as- That sip of…That bite of… Well, actually that’s pretty much much it. After having that sip of and that bite of we are just so lost in that in…

Road Trip

This is Chicham Bridge, Asia’s highest suspension bridge at around 10500 feet   Going on a Road Trip is mesmerizing The Driving The wonderful sights The Roadside eating Stopovers (Dhaba as called in India) The crop field The starry skies Yes, road trips are great way to find pleasure. Be it a long distance drive…