Dehradun: Memoirs

Dehradun is a special place to me. In my passport under the place of birth it is written as Dehradun. Thought, I was born in Dehradun but I hardly stayed there and had to move because of my father’s job.
When in this year I visited Dehradun for a function, I visited some old places, yet new to me. These places were close to me as they were close to my father and grandfather, who used to be in Indian Army. I call this reminiscing the old lane.
This is the house my father used to stay. I don’t remember the year exactly but must have been around 1970s.
Dehradun: Memoirs
Dehradun: Memoirs
Dehradun: Memoirs
My Father post few years in the house above shifted to this new building
Dehradun: Memoirs

This is the  house where my father lived.

Dehradun: Memoirs
My father used to climb on top of this tree for fun.

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