Guwahati: Gateway To NorthEeast

I stayed in Guwahati for a Good six months. It has the Kamakhya Devi Temple  (revered a lot by the Hindus), the mighty Brahmaputra (the only male river of India). and off-course the Assam Tea known for its strong smell and taste.


Guwahati: Gateway of NorthEeast
Guwahati: Gateway of NorthEeast

Assam Tea. Enroute Delhi to Guwahati On Rajdhani Express

Mighty Brahmputra, the only male river of India.


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    NorthEast India is pristine and untouched beauty. You can get away from this noisy world and discover and re-discover yourself.

    Guwahati, capital of the Indian State of Assam is often known as The Gateway to NorthEast India. For those who intend to explore the untouched it is here at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport that they land. If you take a flight from Indian Capital,New Delhi take a left side window seat in the direction of the flight. If you are lucky the weather is clear, you will be flying parallel to the Himalayas, isn’t it a majestic way to treat yourself.

    Before you begin your journey to the untouched, there are a few places in Guwahati you shouldn’t miss i.e. A Ride on the mighty Brahmaputra River, Sitting on the Banks of Brahmaputra River,A Trip to Kamakhya Devi Temple ( also known as a power source/center of earth as per Hindu mythology), Guwahati Museum and off course a sip of the Assam Tea is worth.


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