Travel to Paris


Paris is also known as the City of Lights. Home to Louvre, Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower, Disney Land Paris, Siene River, NotreDam Cathedral.

If you are an international travel then Charles De Gaulle Airport is the first place you land in Paris. For European though there are other domestic airports around Paris. If it’s not fun then always try to take a direct flight, which I also did. I flew in from New Delhi on an Air India flight, Boeing Dreamliner 787, Non-Stop.

Once you land at the airport and you have lots of luggage, then take a taxi. There is an authorized person standing outside, who coordinates the taxi. Actually, first time in Paris, do take a taxi and get a Paris Metro Map, it is freely available at many points and once you understand the Paris Metro, nothing better than travelling by metro, but careful of your luggage and belongings while travelling.

For administrative reason, Paris is divided into 18 regions. and while in Paris, enjoy your days and evenings in Paris, because as we say it in Hindi in India and also there is a popular song about it, “Aisa Mauka Phir Kahan Milega”, english translation” You won’t get an opportunity like this”. Every journey and Travel is unique and there are some place you should visit once in your life time.


This is I Love You,written in I don’t know how many but “A Lot” of languages.

This is  river Seine


Notre Dame Cathedral.


Locks… Lock and throw the key in river Seine with Notre Damn Cathedral in the background.


Church, Passage De Abess


Streets of Paris in Night. It was cold out there.



There is a reason, Paris is called City of Lights. Could not capture the best essence.


Monmatre Church

 Eiffel Tower
Football field from top of Eiffel Tower
Boat Ride, View from top of Eiffel Tower
Disney Land, Paris


Wild, Wild West



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