The Camera & The Scene


Travel has played, plays and will continue to play an important role in each of our lives. We may have come across many special once in a lifetime moments. What each one of us would have done to immortalize the moments.

Click & Capture…

Not going into the earliest types of cameras and the history of photography, almost all of us began with with the roll/film camera. At that time we had no option but to send the roll/film for developing once the roll is used up but until then no idea on how we clicked and what is the world looks like on a paper. Sometime later came out the digital cameras, view the photos on the lcd monitor of digital camera and these days its digital camera everywhere.

There are two basic types of digital cameras that we should stick to, We have the point and shoot and the DSLR.

Point & Shoots are small in size so easily fits in the point and is great deal to capture special moments. Now, DSLRs are something special, you capture what you see in the DSLRs.

DSLRs are made up of two parts, the Body & Lens. The Body is basically like a processing device that holds the sensor, processor etc. and the lens is something that gives you the view of the world you wish to capture.

DSLRs have a lot of functions embedded in them. There are the preset modes such as Night Potrait, Auto, Creative Auto, Sports Mode, Landscape, Close-up, Av ( Aperture Mode), Tv (Timed Value), Video Mode etc. Each of these preset functions can be selected from the dial on the camera. What mode to select depends on how much practice you have done with your DSLR. I am sorry there is no way around but  to practice and in sometime the modes according to your scene will get hardwired to your brain.


Lens come in variety of formats, there is the prime lens ( fixed focal length such as 18 mm, 55 mm), then there is the standard zoom lens (18 mm -135 mm), Fish Eye Lens, A telephoto lens (any lens that has a focal length of 70 mm and above). Which lens to use depends on the type of photography you wish to do. If you are into wild life and sports and long shot photography telephoto lenses are best, the downside is the pricing. Choose wisely after thinking what you wish to shoot, but if you are just beginning, a standard zoom lens is a good call, thereafter you can decide of getting more lenses at a later stage.


Just invest more in the camera body as that’s important as if you get engrossed in photography, you anyhow will be buying different types of lens for different situations.

Happy Clicking & Happy Learning…


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