Roorkee & Haridwar


This was an educational tour of my mine to Roorkee and I specifically studied about environment, ambient air, pollution but on a lighter note there was also a visit to Haridwar.

Roorkee & Haridwar I can’t forget these two places, especially Roorkee. During my school days I did my 3rd standard and 4th standard(partly) in Roorkee. I was surprised myself when, if I am not wrong I secured around 98% in 3rd standard.

Roorkee has Thomson College of Engineering, one of the oldest engineering colleges in the country. Now better known as IIT, Roorkee and off-course Haridwar is a place of spiritual enlightenment and one of the places through which the river ganges passes.

Some images are a little blurry as I was using my phone camera and there was a lot of shaking but sit back try to enjoy the moments.

 The same canal in night,Roorkee
Canal, Roorkee. Canal built by Britishers
Ganga Arti, Haridwar. Ganges is a revered river in India in Hindu Mythology.

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