Amritsar: Golden Temple, Wagah Border & The Amritsari cuisine


Amritsar, is a city located in the Indian State of Punjab. This city is located very close to the Indo-Pak Border. Unlike other borders with Pakistan the Wagah Border at Amritsar is mostly peaceful. Amritsar has the golden temple, the most pious places among the Sikhs. And when in Amritsar, never forget to eat the Amritsari Nan and Cholle.

Amritsar is located some 470 kms from the Indian State can be reached by airplane, by road or by Train. All the options sound good here.

To begin with, as should be with all the cities or small explore the streets or I should call it “Amritsar Ke Galiyaan aur sadakain”



Next Stop,Wagah Border. Hire a Taxi or an Auto To Go There, An auto Driver Told me that that Taxi costs 1300/- and Auto costs 600/- (Didn’t ask both ways or One Way). Wagah Border is around 30 Kms from Amritsar.


On The Way to Wagah Border


Be at the Wagah Border Stadium to view the Flag Down Ceremony, but be there early as the stadium gets full quickly else you will have to stand out and see. The ceremony begins at around 1730 hrs (IST).


View at LCD screen from outside.

The Golden Temple, also called as the Harmandir SahibT. The Harmadir Sahib houses the Adi Granth, the most sacred for Sikhs. The Harmindir Sahib also houses the Akal Takht, symbolizing the dispensing of justice and temporal activity.




At some distance from the Golden Temple Complex is the site of Jallianwala, the pain that Indians bore for the peaceful protest against the Britishers. General Dyer or I should call General Dyan ordered his troops to fire on the people sitting peacefully in Jallianwala Bagh










And Last but not the least don’t forget to eat the Amritsari Nan and Choole. I was engrossed in eating that didn’t captured the shots.


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