Need a Photo, No Tripod, Have a Stranger

There are certain moments in each one of our lives and we wish time just stop and we remain in that special moment. But, unfortunately that can’t happen unless we build a time machine and go back to the same moment, stay there and go back again and again.

Imagine yourself on a travel solo or with someone special and you wish to capture a moment and you can’t do it yourself as you wish to be in that moment and you are carrying you  DSLR cameras but you are not carrying your camera tripod with you.

You are looking here and there to find someone but you love serene and pristine environment, so no man, basically a no man’s land but suddenly you observe a person in the wilderness. A rustic, pastoral…

You run and reach out for that person, its good that he understands your language and you ask him to click your special photo for you but he is unable to look through the viewfinder, every time he is doing something wrong, you are stuck.

What is this happens with you, DSLRs are programmed to work through a view and there is no way around. Think again..


Go to Video Mode->Don’t start recording->Press the Click button on the Camera and there you have it.

The Rustic, Pastoral Understands this, you are happy, he is happy and if you are not solo then probably the person you are travelling with is also happy. Everybody is Happy.


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  1. Turn the camera upside down, point it at yourself and press the shutter release button.


    1. Haven’t tried, let me try this.


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