La Defense

For most of us, Paris is mostly about about Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Louvre but there is also a business hub, just on Paris city limits and this place is many times called business hub of Paris, La Defense.

IMG_1759Grand Arche, this forms the part of a historical axis crossing paris, at one end of this axis is Bastille, which was the site of a french prison, then there is arc de triomphe and then there is Grand Arche

IMG_1771Office Buildings, La Defense

IMG_1777Grand ArcheIMG_1830


IMG_1852see this white colour marking on the ground, this is the historical axis


IMG_1780Office Buildings on the side and now look in the extreme back, there is arc de triomphe, a little difficult to see

IMG_1783How about now?IMG_1793IMG_1817IMG_1841IMG_1862

a view of Eiffel tower from La Defense. To get this view, you will have to walk to the end of La Defense complex


IMG_1953Grand Arche, in the night


IMG_1960IMG_1907IMG_1910Lighting in La DefenseIMG_1918IMG_1951Arc De Triomple in Night

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  1. I love that idea! We’ll have to try adding that to our dinner routine with the little man.


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