Travel is an important part in each of our lives . We have a very fast lifestyle, so we are always almost short on time. Our first mode of travel was a wheel and it still is but the way and usage has changed. For fast travel we hop onto an airplane and there we are at our destination. Air Travel is not always viable and an option, so in these case we move to ground based travel.

There are fast ground based travel modes available and one such is the high speed TGV trains in France. These trains reach the maximum speed of upto 320 Km/h. There is Shinkansen in Japan, ICE in Germany , so yes there are modes of high speed ground travel and here we will follow TGV, TGV is French acronym for “Train à Grande Vitesse”. and  in english this means a high speed train.

Watch a Video of TGV in motion at Youtube

IMG_20170407_065354TGV Train

IMG_20170407_065407Gare De Lyon Station, Paris

IMG_20170407_110209Outside View from a Train Station, French country Side

A French Town

IMG_20170407_110344French Country Side

French Country Side

IMG_20170408_182848Wind Mill, a good source of renewable energy

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