A Montage -Annecy

Annecy is an alpine french town with Rhone Alps in the background, having lake annecy with clear waters and a peaceful & Serene Environment. Words are less to describe Annecy.

Watch on Youtube- A Montage Annecy

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In our day to day lives we are always busy, always running; but we forget a basic question

For What?

Life is a surprise and will always be, but at times it is up to us, how we want to be surprised. For each one of us this may differ but for quite some of us it could be -being at a new place, meeting new people, learning about new culture.

Whenever you are travelling to a new place, international location you do take certain precautions and do make certain preparations.

A piece of advise is to keep always a power bank handy with you for your smart phones, install google translate from playstore or any other translation app to your smart phone and preset to local language, install maps on your phone and if possible learn a few words of local language ( it is extremely helpful).

My journey to…

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