In our day to day lives we are always busy, always running; but we forget a basic question

For What?

Life is a surprise and will always be, but at times it is up to us, how we want to be surprised. For each one of us this may differ but for quite some of us it could be -being at a new place, meeting new people, learning about new culture.

Whenever you are travelling to a new place, international location you do take certain precautions and do make certain preparations.

A piece of advise is to keep always a power bank handy with you for your smart phones, install google translate from playstore or any other translation app to your smart phone and preset to local language, install maps on your phone and if possible learn a few words of local language ( it is extremely helpful).


Some places just soothe you, comfort you like anything and you just don’t want to leave.  I had a picture in mind- a lake with blue waters, alps in the background and just there and breathe.  When I found that place, for 4 straight hours I sat there with a clear

Annecy to me was that place

My journey to Annecy began from Gare De Lyon Station, Paris by the high speed TGV. A piece of advise, don’t take the timings of TGV lightly, the door of the TGV closes 1 minute prior to departure and you don’t want to miss your train.

Watch the Journey on YouTube- A Montage Annecy

This is the TGV on the left and Gare De Lyon Station, Paris

To get your tickets at reduced rates do your bookings in advance from Voyages Sncf. There is also an option to get eurorail pass but there are limited no of seats for eurorail pass holders. Before going for a eurorail pass do take into consideration factors such as the no of the travels, cost of pass vs cost of booking through Voyages Sncf, choose what is more economical.

As you progress your journey, you will pass through the French country side and it is stunning  and you will see for yourself…
View of French Country Side from the TGV
Another View of French Country Side. Just look at the beautifully built houses.

Through the French Country side.  And that’s a windmill on the right in the countryside

And after being on the train for 3 hr 48 minutes…Gare De Annecy

“Bonjour, Bienvenue a’ Annecy translation Welcome to Annecy”Annecy is an alpine french town with Rhone Alps in the background, having lake annecy with clear waters and a peaceful & Serene Environment. Words are less to describe Annecy.
Welcome to the town of Annecy, located in southern France in the Foothills of Rhone Alps. Annecy is real and rare gem and once you are in Annecy, you won’t feel like leaving Annecy but…


Pont Des Amours is a romantic footbridge that offer a magnificent view  of annecy- city, canal and lake.Pont Des Amours, from a distance
Another Shot of Pont Des Amours
On Pont Des Amours

Lake Annecy’s waters are crystal clears and the waters are pristine. Birds, Ducks enjoying hovering and moving in and around Lake Annecy.IMG_2045That’s Lake AnnecyIMG_2049
Birds on Lake Annecy
Another View of Lake AnnecyIMG_2129
Another View of Lake Annecy
Lake Annecy, you can see the bottomIMG_2487
Bird taking a sun bath on the periphery of lake AnnecyIMG_2538You can see the bottom of the lake

You can also pick a boat and go for a boat ride in the lake (The rates for boat ride are fixed and varies from 1/2 to an hour, there is a board at each boating point that carries the rate) Boating in Lake AnnecyBoating in Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is surrounded Parks such as Jardins del’ Europe, Le Paquier. Joggers , Cyclist, casual walkers can be seen in the parks, which lie around the periphery of lake Annecy. 

Iles De Cygnus is a small island in Lake Annecy. This is also known as Swan Island

We have the Himalayas, Alps, Andes, Sierra Nevada etc. So here they are, The Rhone Alps

Plage de Albginy is a shallow beach. It’s peaceful and you pick your corner and enjoy while sitting there and you will loose track of time and will end up sitting here for hours and you might end up clicking some great shots

Sometimes peace is all we need  

Where to Stay in Annecy?

There are plenty of options to stay in Annecy but a lot depends on the season and timings of your visit. You can choose your best option from, hostelworld, trivago, tripadvisor etc.

My choice was Hotel Encore. This Hotel is a half an hour walk from Gare De Annecy. I wanted a place from which was near to lake , provided a scenic view of the Alps and also it had a nice view around and from the room. I was only carrying a 60 L backpack with me , so I walked down to the Hotel.

I would like to do  a special mention of Charline from Hotel Reception. She gave me a room with a wonderful lake view.  The rent for the stay for 1 night was Euro 67 ( inclusive of taxes). You can also take a breakfast in the Hotel for Euro 12 or whatever you may deem fit.

Encore Hotel
View from Hotel Window

Night View from the Hotel

Annecy is not short of some fascinating view and you just won’t stop clicking

Now, coming to the Old Town, Annecy.   
Thiou River

Vieille Ville, Annecy

Du Chateau, Annecy

The Girl by the Bridge

I didn’t wanted to, but all journey’s have to end at some point
Au Revoir Annecy translation Bye Bye Annecy

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    Annecy is an alpine french town with Rhone Alps in the background, having lake annecy with clear waters and a peaceful & Serene Environment. Words are less to describe Annecy.


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