Me and Map


You are travelling to a new place- it can be a place with no internet connection, it can be an international location and you don’t want to get lost, what to do?

These days almost all of us have smart phones with us and voilla we have the Maps

Let alone the situation of no internet, on an international location we normally keep our data/internet connection off , maps serve the purpose

“Actually Offline Maps”

When on a travel or in a new location, the best way to go around is on foot. Public transport is also an option. You can ask the way from a person but it’s always good to know your own way around.

Now, no internet connection, on an international location or any other similar situation, yes there are paper maps, but they can be at times bulky and difficult to handle ( if we have some luggage or a photography kit etc. on us), so we have for us OFFLINE MAPS.

This is a detailed map. Along with offline driving map, also has an option of Offline Walk and if you wish to really explore a place, know the best place to eat, stay and buy some stuff, walking is  the best. For Offline mode to work ( driving or walking), you need to do a few things- download offline map to your smartphone, you need a carrier network connection with location/GPS enabled in your phone(GPS does not need any internet, only requirement is of phone carrier network).

Maps.Me gives you hotels, eating points, pharmacies and what not. Maps. Me has been tried and tested by me without internet and on International Location such as Paris, Annecy and it worked flawlessly, the best point about Maps.Me is walking directions in offline mode.

Maps. Me can be downloaded from Apple Appstore for your Iphone and from Google playstore for your Android.

Google Maps

Almost all us have Google Maps on our phones, irrespective of the situation whether we use it or not. Google Maps is always a worth mention and it is being used world over by many people.

For Google Maps to work in Offline mode, one has to download the map offline and for the maps to work you only need a carrier network and working GPS in your phone. One downside of Google Maps is that it has no feature of Offline Walking Directions. There are offline driving directions but no offline walking directions. This is a problem where there are only one way streets, so if you select driving and plug the destination ,the distance you may have to travel  quite a distance, for example you may have to walk say 3 kms on foot in driving mode when the walking distance could be say 1.5 kms and yes this happens as I have tried it.

Google Maps can be downloaded from Apple Appstore for your Iphone and from Google playstore for your Android.

The Best Way is to keep both these maps on your smartphone and use both of them together and choose the map that gives us the shortest distance.

“Happy Hassle Free Travels”

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