Mumbai: Street & The Street Food

Mumbai’s Life Line: Local Train

Mumbai is the business capital of India. When in Mumbai, let business aside, there are many places to be, Gateway of India, Haji Ali, Ajanta & Ellora but it’s not about just visiting a place , it’s about being at a place, it’s about living at place.

When you are less on time and don’t want to miss the idea of being at a place
What to do?
The Answer is,  get hold of maps , pack your basic essentials and move one onto the street. Explore the life of people, their daily routines and off-course the street food

Mumbai’s Lifeline: The Local

If you wish to be at a place on time in Mumbai, there is Mumbai’s local. This local carriers more than 7.5 million commuters daily. And its a mammoth task.


IMG_20170425_112259Ville Parle Station, Mumbai

The Stairs at Ville Parle Station

Some History

Another travel icon of Mumbai are the BEST buses. They have their trademark red color with the BEST logo

Best Bus

Travel by Road in Mumbai, it’s a daunting task
Night at Ville Parle, Mumbai
At a traffic junction, on Western Express Highway
We have two things in this photograph, the Mumbai Autowallah and a Street Food center in the background

Whether you travel on foot, by mumbai local, a best bus, by a taxi or a mumbai auto, you will feel hungry and if you do so, there is nothing better than the mumbai street food. There is so much, the Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, Mango Lassi ( yogurt based drink), pani puri, pav bhaji etc. but i picked by favourite best, THE VADA PAV.

Although, you will find Vada Pav at every corner in Mumbai, I decided to go for something, which has been there since a long time
And this is it. This will stimulate your taste buds
Alphonso, is known as the king of all mangoes, and there in front in the Mango Lassi ( yogurt based drink)
Mango Lassi
Street Food and the Cutting Chai and this means half cup of tea

And almost everywhere , you find something abandoned and something spooky

An abandoned Building 
Spooky, isn’t it


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