Planned & Unplanned

Some Just Travel to Cover the maximum places they can
Some Travel To Enjoy
Some Travel for Peace

and the list may go on…

But, if anything that is needed in travel or as a matter of fact in any excursion, its planning. Oh Yes, travelling without planning and making on spot plan sounds fun, but you never know, when and how the tide can turn against you. And if does happen, phobia steps in and we all know how that can end up

While trekking to reach a summit, even a fool would look at the sky, before moving ahead. Nobody messes with Weather, mountains make their own weather.

Everything is Water Resistant, Nothing is water proof in the long run

Swiss Knife can come in handy at times

You can get stuck at a place because of unforeseen circumstances.If you are travelling solo, keep your loved ones updated whenever you get a chance to

Always carry some food, water and medicines on you, even if you are travelling with an agency. You know yourself Best

Secluded and offbeat places are the best, but at times it can make your loved ones worried sick. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel offbeat, I too love offbeat. But, whenever you are doing so, give your plan and details to ICE  people ( In Case of Emergency)

Segregate, your personal belongings, money , store at more than one points. This is extremely helpful, in case you loose something

Some of the Basic Hacks, Not much of a planning I guess  and for those who like unplanned, you can call all of this as common sense




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