Guide in the Wild

Modern day technologies such as GPS are pretty useful and act as lifesavers when one ventures out to offbeat & off-grid destinations.

But what if
1.) These hacks come at a price. Off-course life is priceless but somehow you are in a position you can’t afford as of now.
2.) You have these technologies but the place you are being to has a GPS block because of security reasons.
3.) Your technology hack has unknowingly turned faulty.

Technology is good but never forget the basics. It is these basics that have helped our ancestors to survive in the wild. One can say that nature is our real guide in the wild

There ropes is the basics

1.) An earlier post “Surviving if Lost”, covered directions using analog wrist watch, spiders & pole stars.

2.) Moss, grows north side, in base of the trees and this is the least sunny side.



3.) Put a stick in the ground, make a point the shadow is forming, wait for a while say 15 minutes, and note the path, the shadow is travelling, mark a second point.Shadow line formed is east-west line, with the first point being west and the second point being east.

4.) If you are in the Sahara desert and somehow you see a group of sea gulls, there is your GPS. Sea gulls are found near the sea, just follow the direction in which sea gulls are going.

5.) Off course , have a compass, that’s the best, unless, it will always work, unless, something bad happens and the magnetic field of earth goes haywire.

P.S: All photos courtesy photo bucket. All photos used for indicative and representation purposes.


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