Shillong & The Pineapples

NorthEast India is epitome of natural surroundings, its so green and pristine and weather is also amazing.

When in Northeast, Shillong is one place you should not Miss. Shillong is also enroute ot Cherrapunjee, the world’s most wet place.

Whenever, I wish to have a pineapple, the pineapple I ate in Shillong crosses my mind and there is no matching that.


Travel to Shillong :December'2008
Shillong is capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya (Abode of clouds). Shillong is also know as Scotland of the East and indeed it is. Once in your life time do visit shillong and you will realize why it is called Scotland of the East.
There were some picturesque moments I caught up whilst I was in Shillong in December,2008.


Elephant Falls, Shillong. Though,the real beauty of elephant falls can best be seen during the rainy season. After all, Meghalya as the name signifies, “abode of clouds”.

Travel to Shillong :December'2008

 Birds eye view of Shillong

Travel to Shillong :December'2008
And this is something you should never miss. “The Pineapples”. Eat and you will say like “The Best Pineapple Ever”. So delicious. A perfect for a connoisseur.

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  1. Himanshu says:

    Shillong ! I loved the cleanliness of the city.Alas ! did not able to make it to Cherrapunji.


    1. Yup, Shillong is pretty clean and off course it’s the greenery effect , that make things clean.
      Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram, although it rains almost daily over there, but if can make it there in the rains( although very wet), you will be amazed to see, some seasonal waterfalls and they look out of the world.


  2. susweta2016 says:

    I did not get a chance to taste those Pineapples ! I also liked Shillong Peak in my visit.


    1. Perhaps, next time, because if you definitely would want to be in shillong more than once.

      And, what a fabulous view you get off shillong from the shillong peak. With the wind blowing, things get even better.


  3. The waterfall looks so charming! ❤


    1. #A History Fact For You
      This is Elephant Falls. The Britishers named it so because there was an elephant shaped rock just adjacent to the falls. Unfortunately, this rock was destroyed in an earthquake that had struck in the region.


    1. Glad that you liked it

      Liked by 1 person

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