Kos Minar

IMG_3313Kos Minar, are milestones built on the Grand Trunk Road and it was Sher Shah Suri, a 16th century Pashtun ruler, who first got these Minars built. Later on during the Mughal Era these Minars gained importance and were built on a larger scale

1 Kos equals 2 miles or 3.22 Kms.

In the earlier times, one used to say, “Hamara Gaon Bees Kos Dur Hai” (In Hindi Dialect), English Translation “Our Village is 20 Kos(40 miles) apart”.  

During the Medieval Era in India, there were many Kos Minars in existence but nowadays because of rapid urbanization, their numbers have decreased.Nowadays, these Minars are under protection of Archaeological Survey of India.



Location of the above Minar: On National Highway 44, outside Panipat City. It is about 3 kms from Panipat Toll Plaza and you can see it on your right when travelling from Indian Capital Delhi to Union Territory of Chandigarh.

On your Next Road, Halt at this Medieval Monument,Take Memories, Don’t leave footprint.


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