School Chalain Hum


School Chalain Hum” translation “We are Going School“.

This is a School in Gushaini Village, (Himachal Pradesh, India) located at an altitude of  1500m or 4900 feet approximately.

So, what’s with this school?

School Kids Coming Down from Mountains, walking through a trail from the forests
That’s Something Worth giving a standing ovation.

And mind it, it not easy coming down on foot, from a rocky, unpaved terrain.
And There is Both Ascending & Descending the Mountain.

And Then After coming down the Mountains

Cute, isn’t it?, The Innocent Looks

I want to go down and play

And Smiles, While Studying

The girl in pink, doing a Namastey, a traditional Indian Way to greet someone and I was a stranger to these kids

There is someone studying seriously


The Victory Sign and Smiles. And Someone is not bothered, What concentration, seriously studying

Let’s us give a standing ovation to all these kids, who come walking from villages up in the mountains and these villages are as far as 8 kms from this school.


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  1. Reblogged this on forlivinglive and commented:

    Hat’s off and bow to these kids. Coming from high up in the mountains to study in the school.


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