The House in the Painting


This is Leh. When I clicked this picture, it was -20 Deg C, damn cold but this shot was worth it, this is like a home, almost all of us,one day would want to live here, right?

Its’ like living in pastel tones of Nature


Ladakh is magical and mesmerising. When in Ladakh don’t forget the magical word “Julley”, which means to greet and say hello. Ladakh is and will always be a grand treat and none can see the pure beauty of Ladakh  in just one visit, you may want to be in Ladakh for a long-long time as there is so much to see and you may want to see, the same thing again and again.

The entire ladakh region is made up of different valleys, there is the Leh Valley, the Zanskar Valley, the Mashka Valley, the Nubra Valley.

This is about the Leh Valley and the areas around. One can visit Leh by road or by air. Road Travel is mainly from the month of May till September. Air travel is available all the round the year. People mainly visit Leh during the May period but I happened to take my…

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