Street Learning

Street Learning, it’s a good way for survival, if things go bad.


Have you ever wondered, “How the people on the street live?”
The People on the Street Teach us , “How to live and survive with the minimal things around us “

What If : It’s Cold

It’s winter and you are in your house with the heating on, and when you venture out, you have your warm clothing with you. But, not everyone has the access or the money to get warm clothing, what to do?

A simple answer from the street ,”Use Newspaper to keep yourself warm, crumple the newspaper and stuff it between your clothing”. Newspaper acts as insulator and prevents your body heat from escaping. 

If you are planning to travel/to go some place cool and accidentally your clothes get wet and you have nothing, use newspapers to keep yourself warm, it’s easy and simple.

What If : It’s hot

It’s hot and you are in your…

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