Iceland : A Montage

Iceland : The land of Fire & Ice

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It was a dream of mine to visit Iceland, lets call it, “Kingdom in the North” or ” The land of fire and ice”.
Plans were made in the past but nothing materialized until this time, when in November’ 2017, I did visit the kingdom in the north.
Not only did I see the magnificent and beautiful Iceland, but I did see my dream, the Northern lights.  

Start -> New Delhi-> Paris ( city of love)-> Iceland ( land of fire and ice) <- Back

In Iceland you find sharp contrasts, a place where you can find fire and ice co-existing together.  Iceland is both, volcanically and geologically active; do recall Eyjafjallajökull ( also called as E15, because of the difficult pronunciation of this word) volcanic eruption in the year 2010 that brought Europe to a standstill. The interior of Iceland is known as Central Highlands, and then we have northern Iceland, western…

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