How? Should I?

Who doesn’t like to travel?
Almost of us do

We get to see a lot, learn a lot and this is a never phenomenon. Even if we do a repeat travel to the sample place again and again, each time we learn something different.

This age is the age of social media, and “TRENDING” is a word often used for things that have spread or are spreading like a wildfire across the globe. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, WhatsApp, Blogging platforms such as WordPress and blogger and the list is endless. We all read about each other’s travel stories, share our own travel stories, click photographs, youtube videos, vlogs etc.There was a time when there was very little or almost no social media. The first large scale social media, as far as I know, came up through Orkut, which is now defunct.

These days, we get inspired by the way people travel. They follow their heart and their is no doubt that a person should follow his/her heart(The way a person follows his/her heart may be different).

  • People leave their job to pursue what their heart tells them
    yes, follow your heart
  •  People try to travel penniless
    yes, you should try different things. There was a time when there was no money and yet people lived. Actually, people lived better than the way we live today
  • People travel trying to cut away from the world
    yes, you should. This gives inner peace and creates self love

 “We always hear success stories and not failure stories because the failures are not left to tell their stories. Yes, those who are successful, failed a lot before they got their success but how many like those are out there?” 

Don’t do the things by just watching others do it on social media platforms.

At times, seeking peace and being is what all of us want and sometimes we should but if there is someone who cares for you, do keep that person informed.

On social media only, we sometimes hear the news of missing trekkers. It feels sad. Use your best judgement, there are some people, who know better than you. Ask them

And then there always comes a time, when our bodies at times takes a leave from our dreams.  In short the age affect.

As I heard in the movie Iqbal, “Connect your heart and mind together before you do anything”

The world is need of special people, people with a vision to change and bring the smile to others and if we lose that person. It will be a big lose




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  1. Nice post. I like the quote from Iqbal. Our decisions need to combine heart and mind


    1. Most of Time our heart tell us something else, our mind tells us something. Logic and emotions both have their own value and either can be right, but you don’t know, when what is right.

      That’s a very important things that Iqbal taught us, heart and mind together…And if just can somehow do that…

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  2. Marit says:

    Good article! 😃


    1. Thanks. Following dreams is important. Heart at times acts a bit differently but when heart and mind work together as one…


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