Road Trip

IMG_20170928_102102This is Chicham Bridge, Asia’s highest suspension bridge at around 10500 feet


Going on a Road Trip is mesmerizing
The Driving
The wonderful sights
The Roadside eating Stopovers (Dhaba as called in India)
The crop field
The starry skies

Yes, road trips are great way to find pleasure. Be it a long distance drive or a short one, a lone driving session or a romantic getaway, a trip with a family or with friends.


There are certain things one should keep in mind. Actually, it is just one thing i.e. “Preparation”, all others are a subset of this “Preparation”.

One may think, you find everything on the road, why worry? Yes you may be right in some context.

But, there is another scenario.

Many a times we just go away remote, away from the hustle bustle. Now,  what if you are at a place where there is nobody on road, but just you. What if you are stuck at a time when you would find nobody on the road. What if you are on romantic getaway and you don’t take care of your vehicle good enough, and it breaks down, moments after starting your drive. What if you traveling with your family, which includes an infant and your vehicle breaks down.



1.) Always have two connections of different network operators with you.

2.) Do take care of your vehicle. You should not miss your service schedules and always use genuine parts. Yes, they may cost you a little more but your life is precious. Also, the use of synthetic grade engine oils is recommended.

3.) Learn the basic maintenance of your vehicle. Acclimatize yourself with your vehicle’s manual.

4.) Keep the necessary tools and this is not limited to your vehicle’s tool kit. If you wish to go to some location away in remote and that involves good amount of driving, always have certain things with you.


5.) If you are going to a rugged terrain have an air filter, small sachet of engine oil, brake oil etc. with you. If you are not able to use it in your trip, don’t worry, the same shall get used up in your vehicle’s service.

6.) To clean the vehicle’s window, a cloth is good but there is nothing that cleans the window better than a paper roll, dipped in a little water. And also, the paper roll is bio-degradable.

7.) Be prepared in case you have to spend a night or two in your vehicle. Always keep a small pillow and a quilt or something similar in your car. ( Keep changing for personal hygiene).

8.) The importance of water need be stressed upon as we all know 3 days, we have before we start to perish. Without, food we may be able to survive for one month but the case with water is entirely different. Never, forget about these essentials, if you are on a looonggg road trip.

9.) From time to time, keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts.



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