The Sip & The Bite

A Connoisseur or A Gourmand or A Bon Viveur- that’s what the lover of food are called.

We all have our moments and lets call those as- That sip of…That bite of…

Well, actually that’s pretty much much it. After having that sip of and that bite of we are just so lost in that in that we can’t just describe that feeling in words.

There are hundreds of varieties of food and drinks all around the world. And to experience those varieties there are places, but some places do stand out as unanimous winners.

Oh! And these stand out winners are not those 5 star or three star hotels of big brands but it is the road side street vendors. Some, may call street food & drink as unhygienic, I would call it a yes and a no. If something is good at a specific street, you would just know  about it, just look how many people are standing at that place in line to get something to eat.

That Sip

Few years back I was in Mumbai for some work. I was not alone, I had a colleague from work who was accompanying me. We had our accommodation booked at a three star hotel.

My colleague asked me, “Do you want to have some tea?”
I said, “No thank you. You have it,  I don’t have tea”
He picked up the receiver and called up the room service for some tea
Few minutes later a knock on door and there was my colleagues tea.
There was cheque  off course, he looked at me and signed the cheque

From the next day he was at the road side tea stall, having that glass of tea, known as cutting chai, here in India.

And that smile when he had first sip, it was blissful, relative to what he had compared to that in the hotel. For the remaining days everyday my colleague was on that road side/street stall for that glass of tea.

This one here is from Leh, Ladakh. The outside temperature, well -10 Deg C
Hat’s off to this teaman aka chaiwala, who brings smile to many around. Many start their day’s work by having that glass of tea. And the cost of that glass, oh you would gladly pay as its nothing.

And for people like me, non-tea drinkers it’s not the end. There are many things out there, you should know what to look for and where to look for.

That’s a glass of Alphonso Mango shake near a local railway metro station in Mumbai


That Bite

All across the world there are numerous street food delicacies. A bite and you would just say that bite.

Back in India, there is a big craze for street food and I  should say sometimes the cravings. The Vada Pav , Roti ( Indian Bread), Fruit Chaat ( Made from fruits mixed together), Dal ( a type of cereal).

In India you can find street vendors and the road side dhabas, just try them out. And if our taste buds are stimulated, you may never want to stop anywhere else but here. There no taste better than you can have at these places.

The food


We have our that sip of our favorite drink and say that sip of…
We have our that bite of favorite food and say that bite of…

But, among all the feelings we have a thanks to all those who feed us with that chaiwala or that street food vendor or that dhaba wala.


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