Lively Kids

This is Lively. There is Life in the air. This Jump with Hands in the air. This Smile with Hands in the air. These Lovely, Lively Kids in the air. There is peace in the air. This Smile. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh Advertisements

School Chalain Hum

“School Chalain Hum” translation “We are Going School“. This is a School in Gushaini Village, (Himachal Pradesh, India) located at an altitude of  1500m or 4900 feet approximately. So, what’s with this school? School Kids Coming Down from Mountains, walking through a trail from the forests That’s Something Worth giving a standing ovation. And mind it,…

Kos Minar

Kos Minar, are milestones built on the Grand Trunk Road and it was Sher Shah Suri, a 16th century Pashtun ruler, who first got these Minars built. Later on during the Mughal Era these Minars gained importance and were built on a larger scale 1 Kos equals 2 miles or 3.22 Kms. In the earlier times, one used to…

Outside a Washroom

Found this written outside a Washroom. Ladies, I am sure, you are gonna love this quote.


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India is a majestic land from North to South, East to West. One finds various geographic features here such as mountains, deserts, plains, delta, beaches, sea, oceans, rivers, lakes, islands, rain forests and what not. This post here is about the mighty Brahmaputra river, the only male river in India. Male…

Guwahati: Gateway To NorthEeast

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I stayed in Guwahati for a Good six months. It has the Kamakhya Devi Temple  (revered a lot by the Hindus), the mighty Brahmaputra (the only male river of India). and off-course the Assam Tea known for its strong smell and taste. Assam Tea. Enroute Delhi to Guwahati On Rajdhani Express…

Shillong & The Pineapples

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Shillong is capital of the Indian state of Meghalaya (Abode of clouds). Shillong is also know as Scotland of the East and indeed it is. Once in your life time do visit shillong and you will realize why it is called Scotland of the East. There were some picturesque moments I…

A journey To the Himalayas:Darjeeling & Gangtok

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It was January,2009 when my friends and I made a plan to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok. We were there in Guwahati, so for us it meant taking a Train from Guwahati to Siliguri and then a Taxi to Darjeeling. The Road to Darjeeling is full of picturesque views and on the…