Get on that Bus

When the going gets tough, I know it’s tough, But, Get on that Bus, For that will be the best stuff   Location : Spiti Valley, Himachal

Country Road

Let me go , Let me be me , Where the Heavens meet , Where the Birds tweet , On this Country Road , Let Me Go….Let Me Go , On this country road…country road…country road   Location @ Iceland, Solheimjokul Glacial Lagoon  


Why can’t I have the Fun

On that Grass

Lying down on the grass, by the water mass I think about the past For the days to last, For the nights to last I think about the past I think about the past

Northern Lights

Northern lights, technically known as aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis in the southern hemisphere is a natural phenomenon wherein charged particles of the sun enter earth’s atmosphere and produce a dazzling display of light. This display of light, most of the times is of green color but we also can see…